ORGLIST: Gamma-carboxyglutamate and other Ca++ chelators

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From: Andrea Giordano (giordano$##$
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 05:44:33 EST

Hi all,

gamma-carboxyglutamate is commonly found as a post-translational modified
component of protein factors responsible for the blood clotting cascade, and
it acts as a Ca chelator, upon which coagulation factors are activated.
I was wondering whether a chemical synthesis of this glutamate was feasible
(is it stable outside biological environment?) in such a form that allows
further manipulation, like incorporation into peptides.
Which is the coordination geometry of the Ca ion and the carboxylic residues?
How many COOH groups are bound per Ca ion?
Are there any other Ca chelators (apart from EDTA and EGTA) that may have same

Hope i raised some interest.... :-)

Thanks a lot!

Andrea Giordano, PhD student 
Schultz group (Bioorganic chemistry of signaling molecules)
Gene Expression Program
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Meyerhofstrasse, 1 
69117 Heidelberg, Germany
tel: 0049 6221 387 -498 (chem. lab) -264 ( lab)
fax: 0049 6221 387 206
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