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From: Joan Rooney (JRooney$##$
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 14:46:18 EDT

Hello Everyone,


I hope that this will not be considered to a commercial message but
rather an opportunity. is recruiting online science tutors, especially chemistry
tutors, for our Live Homework Help program. We hope that you will
consider this opportunity and also pass it along to your colleagues and
associates. We have close to 3000 students logging on to our site every
weeknight. Many are seeking help in chemistry and other sciences. They
need the help of qualified tutors.


About the Service: is the leading provider of one-to-one information services for
libraries and other educational institutions. The Live Homework Help
program is marketed to libraries and after school programs many of which
provide the service for free to their students. Students log on via
library web sites, enter their grade level and the subject about which
they have a question and meet with a tutor in a one to one online
classroom. The classroom contains a whiteboard, send file feature and
web browser. The service is available seven days a week from 2PM to
midnight ET. We have received tremendous increase in usage lately and
are recruiting science and math tutors to work with this service.

Job Qualifications

Job Qualifications: Must be qualified to help students with their
assignments in Math or Science from grades 4-introductory college.
Excellent communication skills. Desire to work one-on-one with students
grades 4-introductory college. Must have access to an internet enabled
Windows based PC with high speed internet connection. Teaching and/or
tutoring exp required. We are especially seeking tutors who can work
some amount of time between 4PM and 10PM ET Sunday through Thursday.
Bilingual (English/Spanish) tutors are encouraged to apply.

Job Description

Job Description is looking for qualified tutors to be part of
the Live Homework Help program. All tutoring takes place online. Tutors
are paid an hourly rate depending on status and receive per session fees
and bonuses. Tutors set their own hours and can work as much or as
little as they like and work from home, office or dorm. Be part of this
exciting program, which is helping students all over the United States
to improve themselves academically.


Interested applicants should email: homeworkhelp$##$


Thank you for taking the time to read this email.




Joan Rooney

Director of Tutor Management





Joan Rooney


Learning & Information Solutions


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