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From: Richard Prankerd (richard.prankerd$##$
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 18:34:09 EDT


You don't state if you are looking for pKa values for the thioureas as very
weak acids or as very weak bases, or if you are looking for N-substituted or
S-substituted compounds.

Although I don't have all the data right in from of me, I do have a
reference to some of the possible requested info. The basic pKa values for
thiourea, S-methylthiourea and S-phenylthiourea are all reported in: Perrin,
DD, Dissociation Constants of Bases, IUPAC, Butterworths, London, UK (1965),
nos. 3772, 3773 and 3774. Thiourea is also reported in Perrin's 1972 Bases
Supplement, where the given value is pKa = -1.19 (uncert). The original
reference in the Supplement is: Janssen MJ, Rec. Trav. Chim. 81, 650-, 1962.
This reference also has pKa data

If you have difficulty finding Perrin's 1965 compilation, let me know and I
will request it from our main campus library.


> Hi everybody,
> I'm searching for pKa values of thiourea, Methylthiourea, Phenylthiourea
> and
> Benzylthiourea. Can anybody help me ? Thank you.
> --
> Stanislav Ivan
> Universitšt Basel
> Departement Chemie
> St.Johanns-Ring 19
> 4056 Basel
> Switzerland
> Tel.: (+41) (61) 267 11 44
> Email: stanislav.ivan$##$

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