ORGLIST:IR spectra of keto and enol forms of acetoacetate esters?

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From: Jess.Taylor$##$
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 03:51:31 EDT

Dear Fergus

If it is a spectra for reference that you are looking for, Sigma
Aldrich's website ( has links to pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
files of FT-IR spectra of most of the compounds that it sells. It's a free
database so it won't cost anything. It also has NMR data for some
specified compounds too.

Alternatively, there is another database that I find invaluable - the SDBS
database from Japan. This is also free, but you are limited to a maximum
number of daily searches.
The web address is

Good luck - I trust this will be useful to you


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