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From: Hamilton M. Viana (hmviana$##$
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 20:42:36 EDT

Dear friends,

Some time ago I write asking the best way to dry THF with 2000 ppm of water. I need THF with 100 ppm of water.

I tried molecular sieve inside a beaker and I got good results, but isn´t workable in huge quantities!

This THF come from a recovering process: sodium, THF and naphtalene are mixed to form a complex used to atack PTFE surface.

After that, the solution is mixed with water in order to destroy the complex and after a phase separation, THF, water and with naphtalene mixture are distilled.

THF and water form a azeotropic mixture with 4% water content.

Do you think destilate the faction of distilled THF (2000 ppm of water) over metalic sodium could be dangerous?

Any idea to help the recovering?

Thanks in advance!


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