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From: Jinane Chaaban (J.Chaaban$##$
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 13:28:06 EST

Dear Nandan,
i suggest to you to put ur flask reaction in an acetone bath and then start adding dry ice until the temperature get stable at -10. you will be able to control it by adding acetone to increase the T and dry ice to decrease it. you can use liquid nitrogen as well instead of dry ice, but dry ice is, in my opinion, a better choice for this temperature.
Good luck.
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  Dear friends,
          I want to carry out an exothermic reaction in which the mixture is to be maintained at -10oC for two hours. Please sugest me freezing mixtures with whose help I will be able to maintain the temperature . Thanking you,

  Vakatkar Nandan V.
  Research Scholar
  Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology(MUICT)
  (earlier known as UDCT)

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