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From: Michael Engel (michael-engel$##$
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 19:11:56 EST

is someone of you experienced in the analysis of simple ammonium compounds ?
I am trying to find out if a NH3 smelling white product contains one or all
of the compounds below:

ammonium carbamate
CAS#: 1111-78-0

ammonium carbonate
BASF says it is actually a mixture of 1 and 3

ammonium bicarbonate

You can see, that IR cannot easily distinguish between 1 and 2.
13C NMR can show me the presence of 1. I am not sure about an NMR of 2
(D2O). I will try.

Are there any methods, apart from volumetry etc, which I should consider ?

Thank you very much in advance.
Michael Engel

p.s. a question in general: as soon as I have something "inorganic" to
analyze I feel a little bit helpless,
are there real "must know, must have" books which deal with/concentrate on
the analysis of inorganic compounds;
general chemistry is so long back. Thank you.

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