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From: Sandra Bartoli (S.BARTOLI$##$
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 10:28:00 EST

Try adding a drop of a lewis acid (BF3, TiCl4... whichever available), it will help. With a lewis acid in, you can also use a mixture of methanol and any solvents that dissolve your compound better.
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  Dear all,

  Sodium borohydride reductions of imines are generally carried out in methanol/ethanol/acetic acid etc. But I have prepared some isoquinoline derivatives which contain imine fuctional group and are insoluble or very sparingy soluble in abovesaid solvents. To carry out this reduction homogeneity of the solution is very much necessary or results are fruitful in suspended conditions also. I have carried out this reaction in methanol and found that incomplete reduction even on adding excess of sodium borohydride. Any suggestions in regard to this are greatly appreciated.

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