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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 07:57:59 EST

Hello Al,

The problems involved in stirring are quite complex. Correlations have been
proposed for many particular cases, involving dimensionless groups such as
the "power number" the "Prandtl number," the "Dean Number," the "head
cofficien," the "diameter group," the "rotating Froude number," the
"rotating Weber number." etc. This dimensional analysis approach needs
knowledge of some data about the phases being mixed and the type of
equipment to be used. Have a look at a recent edition of Perry's Chemical
Engineers Handbook to get an idea of some of the problems involved. There
probably are some monographs on agitation, strirring and mixing in the
chemical engineering section of good university libraries. Have a look

All the best,


At 14:06 20/11/1, rubello albino wrote:
>Is there any mathematical or tip to scale up chemical processes regarding
>stirring ?
>Thank you
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