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From: Fredrik Thorstensson (freto$##$
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 07:40:10 EDT

## Antidote to methanol ##


If you give ordinary liquor to a methanol poisoned man, the liver will
metabolize the ethanol first and thus will the methanol just pass the
body. When methanol is metabolized you get formic acid and the the blood
pH decreases until you reach dangerous levels and the victim gets acidos
and eventually dies.

So the antidote is ordinary liqour, booze, ethylalcohol, spirits,
ethanol = CH3CH2OH.


"Samuel J. Ponraj" wrote:

> dear friends I live in tamilnadu state in India. mostly in the slums
> of my state people can not afford IMFL (indian made foreign liquor)
> such as brandy and rum. They consume local make called arrack which is
> prohibited by the government. because of prohibition illicit arrack
> finds its place in parties. At times somewhere in the supply chain
> stupid people mix methanol to arrack and it is supplied. Recently in
> chennai 50 people died in two incidents and many more lost their
> vision. My question is is there any readily available antidote to
> methanol. Also youngsters in rural society consume pestisides to
> commit suicide over love affairs, family dispute and exam failure.
> Usually they are phosphorous based (quinalphos I think). Again is
> there any readilly available antidote. if someone knows an answerI'll
> be happy to make these people aware of. thanks sam PONRAJ LABORATORIES
> (Manufacturer of Colchicine)
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> Tamilnadu, India, 627 951
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