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From: Paul Thind (cma$##$
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 10:04:32 EDT

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

New manuscripts published in ARKIVOC recently.

Please be advised that we have encountered recent Copyright violations =
of the journal ARKIVOC. is the official site for =
publishing manuscripts submitted to ARKIVOC and its corresponding ISSNs. =
The manuscript web address from this site is the only valid URL when =

We urge you to publish more of your work in ARKIVOC and consider Arkat =
Publications for educational material. This again can be offered for =
free or for sale in accordance with the wishes of the authors. You can =
help those in the less developed countries, who cannot afford books. You =
can submit your lecture notes or any other material you wish. If you =
wish, we will publish your material without disclosing your name and/or =
have it edited by other academics.

The Arkat Foundation is considering the launch of new online title in =
medicine (pharmaceutical chemistry and/or drug design).
The plan is for an online journal only, with a pricing model based on =
"ability to pay" using the model provided by the United Nations. Please =
give your input.

We are concerned about the prices which Multinationals charge to =
developing countries for life-saving medicines and believe that =
scientists can help, by sharing what they know on the internet.

Best wishes,

Paul Thind
Arkat Foundation
Schanzeneggstrasse 1
8002 Zurich
411 201 9700
411 201 9720 (fax)


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