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From: Dmitry Korkin (z17b3$##$
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 00:49:30 EDT

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Dear colleagues,

We are seeking a chemist (or organic chemist), who would be interested
to actively collaborate with us in the development of a fundamentally new
approach to the issue of STRUCTURAL REPRESENTATION in chemistry in
general, and organic chemistry in particular.

We are a small group of mathematicians and computer scientists that have
just completed (after 2 decades of work) an outline of, what we believe to
be, the first formal model for structural object/event representation in
science, whose main features are radically new:


We strongly feel that it should help to turn a relatively popular among
chemists slogan "Chemistry: the central science" into reality, by allowing
the chemistry to lead the science in the revolutionary transition from the
numeric representations (ubiquitous in all sciences) to structural

We have identified (very informally) several initial questions around
which the collaborative work may start:

(a) the new model emphasizes that the structural representation of a
chemical object must include (as a part of the representation) its
generalized "synthetic" history hence one needs to correlate this with the
current knowledge of chemical synthesis.


(b) relying on the new model, we plan to develop inductive (based on a
small set of examples) learning and classification algorithms for small
and large molecules, which should be able to predict, for example, the
structure, chemical reactivity, biological activity, etc.

Best regards,

     Lev Goldfarb Tel: 506-458-7271
     Faculty of Computer Science Tel(secret.): 453-4566
     University of New Brunswick Fax: 506-453-3566
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