ORGLIST: Wanted - A simple Grignard experiment with an Inorg. Chem. slant.

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From: F.J. Lalor (stch8002$##$
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 11:25:19 EDT

Due to a (to me, anyhow) irritating bureaucratic requirement that
every lecture course have a corresponding lab experiment I need to
provide one from the Year 2 university-level main-group
organometallic course that I teach. The course covers organometallics
of Li, Mg, B and Al. For reasons of expense, safety, the students'
experimental competence and available equipment lithium, boron and
aluminium can be ruled out. This leaves Mg and, of course, there is
no shortage of organic experiments that one can do with Grignard
reagents. Unfortunately (although predominantly organic in content)
this organometallic course is taught under the umbrella of Inorganic
Chemistry. Therefore I have been asked to provide an experiment with
a more inorganic slant than your average Grignard reaction. A further
limitation is that I will not have access to an inert atmosphere. The
only thing that strikes me right now is the conversion of aryl
Grignards to biaryls via oxidation with transition-metal salts but I
have yet to chase up the practical details so I don't know how
feasible this is. Any suggestions from out there would be very
gratefully received and I will summarise to the list if the results
warrant it.
Fergus Lalor

P.S. Oh yes - and the lab course will be held a few months before the
corresponding lecture course is actually taught 8-(

Dr. Fergus Lalor, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry Dept., University
College, Cork, IRELAND.
Telephone: 353-(0)21-902317. Fax: 353-(0)21-274097

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