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From: kalbe farma (super_visser$##$
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 09:12:44 EDT

Hello members,
I will offer a charity program for members of this
mailing list. I and my friends in Indonesia will make
a chemistry laboratory in my high school . As an
additional information, laboratory is not a standard
facility for a high school and only few school which
have a representative laboratory. By the economic
crisis in my country, a laboratory is a hard realized
dream, without your help....

I will invite you to build chemistry in my country.
If you have any laboratory equipment which are not
used anymore, or out dated instrument, as long as
still usable, I will be gladly receive your things.
Even a very traditional glassware will so useful to
fullfill the dreamy lab.
I am so sorry with inconvenience due to this message .
and I am waiting for your help.

Mohamad mukharir
# Jl. Gunung Pulosari 5 Cilegon 42435 Indonesia tel.
62-0254-394342 ; 0254-232221
# Jl. Banyuwangi 13 RT 08/I Sumur panggang Tegal 52141


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