Re: ORGLIST: Fluoro imidazoles

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From: Dr. Vincent Njar (vincent3$##$
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 23:23:09 EDT

Dear Colleagues:

Could anyone let me have a procedure for the synthesis of fluoro
imdazoles. Many thanks for your assistance.

Vincent Njar

Dmitry Korkin wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I`m working on the problem of structural representation and classification of
> organic compounds (from the point of view of a formal model). The thing is,
> there is no formal notion of a chemical structure. Instead, scientists use
> intuitive understanding of this notion. But when you are dealing with the
> automation of the representation and classification process using computers,
> it is necessary to define the notion of chemical structure formally.
> So, suppose you have a structural representation of molecules which includes
> the following features:
> - molecular connectivity
> - structural individuality of each atom and each bonding type (including
> hydrogen bonding)
> - basic 2D and 3D isomerism
> - the "evolutionary" molecular class structure (how should one go about
> building the molecule).
> Suppose all the molecules are represented only using this structural
> information. What can you say about physical, chemical properties, and
> biological activity of these compounds? In other words, which information is
> "extractable" and which one is not?
> Another question, if it is not enough, what would you add in terms of
> structural (not numerical) information to "complete the picture"? (Probably,
> one of the first "candidate" to be added are the basic geometries of the
> molecular fragments)
> I would appreciate greatly any information related to this questions.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Dmitry Korkin,
> PhD student
> Faculty of Computer Science
> University of New Brunswick

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