ORGLIST: Functional Groups

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From: Ashutosh (ashujo$##$
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 12:56:07 EDT

This might seem ridiculous but I was just thinking as follows;
We now know hundreds of functional groups. But could there be more =
functional groups?
We could call the organometallics as functional groups.
What about new functional groups?
I could just take up some 4-5 atoms and bonds, try all permutations and =
combinations of them and have some 20 new functional groups.
However many functional groups would be unstable or more importantly, =
A functional group would be useful, if it appears in nature to some =
extent and it is synthetically useful.
Could we have a 'FGP' or Functional Group Project, in which all natural =
resources are exhaustively studied, then considered by physical and =
theoretical as well as computational chemists regarding their =
reactivities and then synthetically modified to create useful products, =
or even biological analogues.
Of course, this would be an international endevour. But the cost and =
time spent could be worth while.
This is just a thought (not some project that i am suggesting!) that I =
had and I was wondering if anyone has any opinions or ideas related to =

Ashutosh Jogalekar
University of Pune

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