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From: Michael Engel (michael-engel$##$
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 17:47:51 EST

I had forwarded the request to CHMINF, a very important mailing list for

CHMINF-L Archives (also to join, leave, etc.)

I have got 4 answers.

Bob Buntrock asked me to send his comments about the periodic table in
Braille to ORGLIST too.
I've also added the three other answers.

-----Bob Buntrock's Original Message-----
My wife is a certified Braillist and a former president of the National
Braille Association (the other NBA). As you know, there are many
different versions of the Periodic Table, but she has a fairly standard
version on disk. She can emboss it and have a Braille print version in
the mail to you on Monday. Please let us know if this will be

Just out of curiosity, is your student using Braille or tape for other
chemistry class materials -- or both?

-- Bob & Gloria Buntrock
Buntrock Associates, Inc.
Princeton, MN 55371
------------------here are the other answers----------------------------
I found these by doing a search for Braille + "periodic table" at
Phil McHale

Thank you Phil !

On the following web page, there was a photo of a braille periodic
table that seemed to be laid out in columns:
Other places with downloadable Braille periodic tables (no specifics,
so I can't tell how these are laid out):
This last site is a company developing three dimensional models for
chemistry, and it's quite interesting. There was no web address but
here's a phone number: Contour, Inc. 650-969-6263
Hope this helps.
Andrea Twiss-Brooks

Thank you Andrea !
Julianne M. Braun sent an offer for some personal help.
Thank you Julianne !


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