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From: J.Aires de Sousa (jas$##$
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 09:24:37 EST

Michael Engel wrote:
> Dear Joao,
> recently I wrote about the danger of attachments - and now I would like to
> see more of them.
> When reading the messages from this group, I often wish to see the
> accompanying structures.
> Wouldn't it be possible that people post their messages with attached
> structure files ?

I think there are at least two reasons for being careful when sending
attachments to ORGLIST. The first is the well-known danger of
distributing files containing viruses. However, I would say that this
risk is somewhat lower for .sk2 or .chm files (than for MS Word files,
for example).

The second point is the size of the attachments. It is perfectly ok with
the test files you sent with your message. But if everybody start
sending attachments, I'm afraid we will end up with heavy traffic and
our daily email full of files.

So before sending a file to the list please check that it is free of
virus and that the size is acceptable (never larger than 50K).

Another way is to upload the file to ORGLIST ftp site
( and to announce the name of the file with the
message (it is accesible to a web browser at ).

Then we will probably start another discussion about the best format for
the files! :-)

Dr. Joao Aires de Sousa


Departamento de Quimica, Fac. Ciencias e Tecnologia,
Univ. Nova de Lisboa, 2825 - 114 Caparica, Portugal

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