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From: Avatar (avatar$##$
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 15:00:56 EST

Announcing LABTrack - Electronic Lab Notebook Version 2.0

AVATAR Consulting is pleased to announce version 2.0 of LABTrack. This =
exciting new version combines the functionality of a Word Processor, a =
LIMS-like Database and the functions listed below needed to keep a truly =
Legal and Complete electronic lab notebook. LABTrack offers searching, =
reporting and embedding capabilities not possible using paper notebooks =
or even a LIMS. The new Digital Notarization function provide the =
complete legal protection needed for Patents, Date of Discovery and Work =
Performance issues that even the most conservative attorney will =

* Digital Notarization - Documents that pages have not been modified =
since their creation.
* Electronic Signature - FDA promulgated standard for identifying users =
(21 CFR Part 11).
* Biometric Fingerprint Readers - 21CFR11 acceptable fingerprint =
readers for identifying users.
* Familiar Word Processor Paradigm - Easily create notebook pages free =
form like you would with a word processor. User defined templates also =
* Built-in Lab Notebook Rules - Just like your paper notebook, once =
data is saved it cannot be deleted - instead Line-It-Out and enter =
* Embed Photos, Chroms, Spectra, Spreadsheet files etc - Embedding =
allows you to lock in the contents of the file without worrying about =
keeping the original file intact. The file becomes part of the legal =
* Built-in Instrument interfacing - Import results and data from PC =
controlled and non-PC controlled instruments.
* LIMS-like Data Entry Forms - Use LABTrack as a LIMS to track your =
samples, analyses, results and materials used in the lab.

Visit for more details and request a free demo CD or a =
NetMeeting demo over the Internet.

Why struggle with paper any longer? Why try to work within the strict =
confines of a laboratory information management system (LIMS) ? =
LABTrack - the Original Electronic Lab Notebook provides all of the =
tools you need to go completely electronic.

** Digital Notarization is a service provided by =
( Subscriptions to the service are sold separately.

Richard Stember
AVATAR Consulting
Author of LABTrack - the Original Electronic Lab Notebook
Email: avatar$##$
Tel/Fax: 949.830.7316 (USA)


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